Tips on Maintaining a Great Garden

Tips on Maintaining a Great Garden

Gardening, done properly, can be a very tranquil and rewarding experience. It's not as straightforward as it may seem at first glance, though, and proper gardening requires a little bit of study of techniques and, of course, plant characteristics and needs. Here are some tips to maintaining a healthy garden:

Screen new plants for diseases or infestations before planting
The best way to go about this is to read up on what healthy specimens look like for the species you're looking to plant. A cursory inspection for rot and damage may not be enough, however, a key step being a close inspection of the roots of the plant to check for any concealed damage or infection. 

Keep a close eye out for bug infestations
An infestation may not be immediately apparent, as many of the more damaging bugs are quite tiny and can't be easily spotted. Aphids are a prime example, and can even act as carriers for microbes that can cause disease or rot.

Make informed choices when it comes to fertilizers and insecticides
Applying fertilizer willy-nilly can actually cause great harm to your plants, as the chemicals in the fertilizer could cause damage to the roots. Same goes for insecticides or pesticides. Read up on what kind of fertilizers and pesticides best suit the soil in your garden, as there are resources available that match the soil's nutrient make-up with the appropriate chemical additives. 

A studied and informed approach will save you the trouble of dealing with damage and mistakes that might have been easily avoidable. Take your work seriously and follow the tips given here to grow a beautiful and healthy garden.



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