Increasing Tendency Among Germans To Switch To Organic Foods

Increasing Tendency Among Germans To Switch To Organic Foods

In a recent study, it was found that the demand for organic foods is rising rapidly across the world. In Germany, the demand is growing at a rapid pace making it, world’s number 2 organic food markets after the US. In fact, organic foods have become so popular that increasing numbers of people have started switching to the organic life. Even the conventional supermarket cannot afford to avoid keeping a wide selection of organic foods and vegetables at their stores. It has also been seen that regardless of the higher prices compared to the inorganic foods, people are selecting a healthy lifestyle.

Small organic food stores long had the image of selling organic fruits and vegetables to the sandal-wearing hippy customers carrying canvas shopping bags. Such shops were expensive and so people avoided them. However, today, Germany is the largest market for organic foods in Europe. It produces a sales volume of more than 5.8 billion pounds experiencing an average growth of 15% every year.

Perhaps the shift towards the organic lifestyle is mainly because of the preference of healthy lifestyle. The fertile grounds of Germany and the long history of green movements in the country is also another major cause for approving organic foods in the country. A strong perception is also currently working that healthy foods should be subsidized by the state and supported by the society. Another important driving force behind organic food is that organic farming is more environment-friendly than conventional farming, as a whole.

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