Gardening Trends You Should Try Out In 2015

Gardening Trends You Should Try Out In 2015

Be it fashion or even fast cars we are always on the lookout for the new trend, what’s the in thing at the moment and the same also applies for gardening. Over the past few years there have been many gardening crazes which have come and gone with time while some have managed to remain a perennial part of the horticultural landscape. With that in mind here are the best landscapes that you should be trying out this year.

Stephanie Cohen, Collegeville, Pennsylvania (The Perennial Diva)
“Edible gardening is becoming a bigger part of outdoor living spaces. I saw a patio table at a trade show with a built-in pocket at the center planted with lettuce and herbs. You can sit down for dinner and harvest your own fresh salad right off the table!

“Miniature fruit bushes are really catching on, with varieties like the BrazelBerries® series of blueberries and raspberries that thrive in containers. For the urban gardener, it’s a great way to have something fresh to eat right at your back door.

Scott Calhoun, Tucson, Arizona (Zona Gardens)
“I’m seeing more agaves and other succulents being planted as single specimens in decorative containers. Cactus collections are showcased in handmade pots by local craftsmen. This treatment highlights the plants, bringing them to the forefront as artistic focal points rather than as background elements in the landscape.
“Many of the South African bulbs perform well in our cooler growing seasons of fall and winter. Gardeners are combining them with succulents for a more layered effect.

“Seed-grown native wildflowers are increasingly used to augment succulent gardens, so there is more of a crossover between naturalized and more formal ornamental design elements.”


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