Rooftop gardens on public transport

Rooftop gardens on public transport

One of the most interesting ways that we can protect the environment includes public transport and plants. In fact, it includes the combination of these two. The designer or rooftop gardens on buses is Marc Granen. He comes from Spain, and the main idea was to increase the surface of the garden area and increase the absorption of CO2. Because there are a lot of buses in big cities, this is an important eco-friendly solution.

This concept is called Phyto Kinetic. It is cheap and it doesn’t require a lot of time. Buses usually don’t need any significant upgrade. But, the plants used in these rooftop gardens must be small and resistant. This means that they must have strong roots in order to resist the wind. In order to understand how much this concept is important, you must do some math. For example, one bus has a roof surface of 20 square meters. This means that buses in the New York, can create 100.000 square meters of green rooftop gardens. This number is even bigger in bigger cities. This will improve photosynthesis is the cities that use this improvement.

For now, buses use diesel engines. Some are hybrids, but they still have an engine that causes pollution. As you can see, this isn’t a completely green bus, but when they are improved and they run on clean energy, the buses will be completely green. There are many countries in the world that like this idea and they want to use it. With it, public transport may become green soon. Less CO2 means healthier planet. 


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