Singapore's treasure

Singapore's treasure

Singapore is widely known for its tropical plants. But thing that stands out the most are different kinds of Orchids that grow in Singapore.
Singaporeans placed in several parts of the city large gardens and farms of the flowers.

Botanical gardens total stretch of 52 acres, and they are located near the center, and conceal some of the rarest and appreciated species of plants. Some of them are National Orchid Garden, Ginger Garden and Garden Evolution.

The National Orchid Garden is something you must see. It doesn't matter if you are an expert for Orchids or simply someone who likes to enjoy in vibrant, vivid colors that only nature can make.
This Garden is very well organized. The path will lead you to the house where you will be able to find out how some species of Orchids got their name.

You will also see the " VIP Orchid Garden ", and they are here to remind you and promote how important is to have great relationships among different nations.
In Orchid Garden, each Orchid is named after some celebrity, such as Lady Diana or Nelson Mandela.
Besides orchids, this park is full of bright green foliage, ferns, harmoniously composed against the wooden eaves, bridges, fountains.

One part is the so-called orhidarium, where species are represented in in more natural environment.
You can take a walk through this park, or if you don't want to, you can go by small trains. If you get tired, you can always have some rest on the benches.

In this park, every bird is free, non of them is in the cage, so it is a really beautiful thing they can fly freely.


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