Your Own Kitchen Garden

Your Own Kitchen Garden

Most people have a library at home or a study room. Having your own kitchen garden is like creating your own personal library of fruits and vegetables. In every cookery show, the chefs go to a gorgeous garden and talk about the ingredients they’ve grown in their personal gardens. You may not be a chef, but you can do the same too. Didn’t get a particular vegetable in the market? Plant it in your garden. It’s as simple as watering plants and adding fertilizer regularly. Here are a few simple fruits and vegetables to start with:-

1) Salad ingredients

You can grow green leafy vegetables like lettuce. It requires less space to grow and is very low maintenance. It grows fast so not a lot of patience would be required on your part. You can also grow various salad vegetables at the same time in multiple rows.

2) Beets

They grow at a very fast pace and can be grown almost anywhere. Even though these are root crops, all parts of these plants are edible and tasty too. They can also tolerate light frost and so, can be grown even in cold temperatures. Plant them during spring or fall.

3) Tomatoes

They can grow from the stem of a tomato plant. These plants are low maintenance and don’t require a lot of sunlight to grow.

4) Marigolds

Grow these to prevent rabbits from destroying your garden. These also add to the beauty of your garden with their gorgeous yellow and orange hues.

5) Peppers

Grow these simply for the reason that they add a spicy texture to all the food that you cook. They require ample amounts of sunlight.


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