A Creeping Perennial

A Creeping Perennial

Have you ever encounter a lance-shaped leaves? If you ever encounter it then never forget to know you came across Aeluropus lagopoides, it is a perennial grass that produce leaves in opposite rows along stem. These leaves are folded length-wise with surface area covered through minute hairs.

This grass species has rhizomes; a thick mat like structure is form through these rhizomes. Head of stem has spikelet’s that forms a beautiful round cluster.
This grass species is famous in the area that are prone to saline conditions.aeluropus can even survive highly saline soil due to presence of glands on waxy leaves. Flowering takes place throughout the year

This plant is present throughout the southeast Europe, north America from morocco to Somalia, central Asia including Pakistan and India.
Any area that cannot support any vegetation type because of damp saline soils, one can simply go for Aeluropus, which spreads throughout the waste areas in no time.

It is one of the favorite food liked by livestock, you can also go for fodder business with this grass species.
It also invades many desert areas around the world, beneficial for these areas as well as having a close perennial relation with halophytes.


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