horticulture-an aesthetic approach

horticulture-an aesthetic approach

Pleasures received through plants and its beauty is things which humans can not measure or weigh. These values vary from person to person and ability to perceive them relay on cultures, traditions, places and persons. People from different heritage will have different opinions about what is beautiful and what is ugly.

Horticultural plants are always liked throughout the cultures due to their wide variety of colors and flavors. Whether these are encountered as foods or desserts or in any recreational parks their aesthetic value is always at the top than economics.

Horticulture basically includes cultivation of flowers and fruits and vegetables. Flowers being the first for creating aesthetic essence, they are use in land scaping, home gardens, parks, recreational places etc.
In history fruit gardens were planted in huge palaces for kings who basically use these places for spending leisure time. Nowadays these gardens are planted for treatment!
Yes aesthetic treatment has gain popularity from the early times; now horticultural therapy is well recognized field of medicinal science. It is also common when flowers are known to exhibit unavoidable essence of pleasure. Bright colors are used to treat certain anxiety, depression disorders. In short horticulture with its aesthetic value is best for therapies as well as health promotion.


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