How to grow a bamboo plant at home

How to grow a bamboo plant at home

Bamboo plants, when grown inside home not only bring a sense of warmth and vibrancy but once grown, they can be shifted outdoors as well. If you want to grow a bamboo plant at home, here’s what you should do:

•    After you have purchased a baby bamboo plant, immediately transfer into a good size container that has two at least two drainage holes.
•    Cover the drainage holes with a piece of cloth to prevent the soil from seeping. 

•    Use good quality potting soil for your bamboo plant. You should fill the container to at least a quarter with the soil. 

•    Plant the bamboo in the center and gently pack the soil around the plant. 

•    Use fresh filtered water to moist the soil and keep the plant in a place with plenty of sunlight. 

•    Make sure that the plant receives fresh air throughout the day. 

The bamboo plant will grow itself in sunlight, fresh air and don’t forget to water it every day. 



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