Information on Plants

Information on Plants

Plants are very important and fundamental to the continued existence of all life on Earth. Plants alter the light of the sun into the energy that is essential for life on Earth. Without plants, humans and animals are not able to use the energy of the Sun that reaches the Earth. Directly or indirectly plants provide food , shelter , fuel , medicines and many other necessities of life.

Plants are the important source of food for all human beings and animals. By the photosynthesis procedure plants make food.Plants provide fruits , carbohydrates , protein and other nutritional stuff for us.Humans, animals and also birds depend on plant.Plants save us from storms, flood and other natural disaster.Plant produce oxygen for us and also protect us from different dangerous gases. Growing of plants on rode side may helpful for minimize pollution.

Plants are greatest pharmacy on earth for living things.Plants increase the beauty of nature.The removal of plants may changes many unseen changes in our ecosystem.Sometimes irrevocably destruct an ecosystem.The presence of plants is to be anticipated for clean air,water and also for food. Even the economic importance of plants is very large. Many industrial products like furniture, etc. are made through plants and plants provide textile material.


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