Lily of the Nile

Lily of the Nile

‘Lily of the Nile’ is actually not a lily flower but called Agapanthus,Which is adapted to various borders and containers.its perennial nature give rise to beautiful purple,blue,pink and has both deciduous and evergreen varieties with needle like leaves.

African lily or agapanthuses basically have origin from southern africa.its deciduous varieties are generally harder while evergreen varieties give softer appearance,evergreen varieties can not withstand colder winters so if you are living in cold areas go for deciduous varieties in your garden.

You can propagate these beautiful flowering plants by both bulbs and seeds,plant them in autumn for best results!
It give rise to crown in spring where by full blooming of flowers occurs in summer,plant these in your garden two years before you expect full flowering as these little plants need time to establish.After planting great care is needed by evergreen varieties as they are much tender and adapted to warmer climate.your pots must be full of fertile soils receiving natural solar radiations.

Addition of a mulch cover can produce abundant foliage when in shady places but flower blooms require huge sunlight amounts.In few regions its harder varieties are consider as invasive but preferred evergreen varieties are all time famous.


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