Plant biofertilizer - exoskeletons of crustaceans and insects

Plant biofertilizer - exoskeletons of crustaceans and insects

Biofertilizer has always been a compelling and interesting one to fertilize lawns and gardens, and new innovations have been developed.

A new plant biofertilizer has come from the Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Genetics (also known jointly as UPM-INIA). This plant biofertilizer comes from a new origin - the chitinous exoskeletons of various crustaceans and insects. This clean, biodegradable organic fertilizer is the answer to overplanting crops which leave the soil depleted of nutrients. It is environmentally friendly and not harmful to human health. It does not evaporate or leach away. This new fertilizer offers an incredibly interesting take on traditional options, and allows for a unique possibility for farmers to make better use of their land by not having to leave acres fallow, and homeowners can manage lawns and gardens naturally without the use of chemicals. As the demand for organic produce increases, this new biofertilizer is the perfect fit for organic farming without increasing the cost of the produce.

The new formula, after rigorous testing, has potential for increasing plant growth, root size, as well as increased percentages of carbon and nitrogen being released into the soil. With these increases, it seems this biofertilizer is a reasonable option amongst other fertilizers, which pollute the earth’s atmosphere, soil, and water.

One of the strongest potential perks to this methodology is in its low price of production and purchase. With more natural and beneficial methods of biofertilization being developed, even the price is being reduced, which is a remarkable mark of accomplishment in any field of information and science.

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