Plants- Chrysanthemum

Plants- Chrysanthemum

If you decide to grow this plant, you should know that luckily it is not hard to take care of it, but there are some things you need to know before growing it.
You should plant Chrysanthemums during the spring, and it is better if you do it in early spring when you are sure that there is no risk of freezing. What is good about this plant is that you can plant it anytime, but you just need to make sure that they had time to establish their root system before the hot summer weather.

Chrysanthemum loves sunshine and if you can provide it for them, it will make them produce the most flowers. So if you live in a place where most of the time is sunny, you should definitely grow this plant.

They also love a lot of food and moisture and what is also good about it is that you can find different kinds of Chrysanthemums. You can find different sizes, colors, heights, etc. 
Even though they are not too complicated when it comes to planting and growing, you still need to pay attention to some things. For example we recommend you no to grow it for three years in a row.

If you do it for too long, there is a chance your plant may get a disease or has problems with pest.
When it comes to feeding, you should do it every two weeks and do it with all-purpose fertilizer. 
Also what is very important is to space this plant 18-30 inches apart in case you want to get the best results.


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