Protecting plants

Protecting plants

In order to be a good resident of our planet and a good person, you need to take care of plants and to protect them. They are essential to our planet. Without them, nothing can survive. Beside plants are responsible for the air we breathe (air is a byproduct of photosynthesis) they provide a natural habitat for many animals. They also reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, so they reduce the pollution. Plant are also important for the water cycle. Simply said, everything we have and everything we are, we owe to plants, so you can fully understand how important they are.

Because they are so important, we can do anything that is in our power to save them. We can start from our home. Keeping plants indoor will make your apartment look much better and they will reduce the indoor pollution. You already know that indoor pollution is more dangerous than the outdoor pollution. All you need is to add water and look the plants grow.

If you have a garden or a few plants in front of your house, you will have to protect them from frost. Water them a day or two before the frost is expected but never water them while the frost is still lasting. Also, you can cover them with an old blanket or a sheet and they will survive the frost. When you start making a garden, always start with a health plants and protect them from pest and disease. Don’t think that you will need a lot of time. Only a couple of minutes per day is needed in order to your garden bloom. 


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