Researchers found new waterlilies species in Australia

Researchers found new waterlilies species in Australia

The scientific expeditions are dynamic in nature. Many times scientists end up discovering something different than the aim of an expedition. There are several such examples in the history of science where discoveries have been done due to mistakes. In a similar event, the scientists on dangerous expedition of northwestern Australia found new species of waterlily. The researchers explored lakes pond and creek where they face meat-eating crocodiles at one point.  The team consisted of researchers from London-based Kew Gardens and Australia. 

They travelled throughout the Australia’s western region by helicopter and jeep on three-week long mission. The species of waterlilies was collected by scientists and specimens are valuable to botanists because it can play a significant role in explaining history of evolution. The research will conducted on how new species can be cultivated and preserved.  The species was caught attention of the researchers due to its attractive purple and white colored flower.  The expedition reached till Gibb river road, where they found narrow water body hosting this plant.

 The scientists are calling this new plant ‘peony flora’ till the official name has been assigned. The bigger water body was being scanned to find these water lilies but all efforts went in vain. The researchers decided to back to cars after such disappointed but someone spotted narrow hidden water body where they were greeted with these waterlilies. As the scientists jumped to collect specimen, crocodiles in the lake attacked them as the region is home to saltwater crocodiles, biggest in the reptiles’ category. 



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