The Corpse flower

The Corpse flower

In Greek it is Amorphophallus titanium and it is known as the titan arum. It is a flowering plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence in the entire world.

This plant is pretty weird, and why is that ? Well even though when you read a name you would never think that it is actually pretty, this plant is both beautiful and exotic. 
On the other hand the problem is its fragrance, because it really stinks and some people even compare it with rotting flesh. Now we know how it “ earned “ that name.
When you translate its name you get to conclusion that it sounds very interesting, especially if you broke the name into three parts.

Amorphos means without the form or misshapen, while phallus actually means penis and titan giant.
So when we put those words together we get – misshapen “ gigantic “ penis. This plant has another name and it is carrion flower, because it has a distinctive aroma and because it attracts carrion-eating beetles and flesh flies.

This plant produces only one leaf and after the pollination process is done the flower dies back.
Male plants bloom one day or maybe even two days after female plants, which means that female plants bloom first.

Even though this flower stinks a lot, maybe because it looks beautiful and exotic, people around the world are fascinated by it.

This plant is very rare, so every time it blooms people make such a big fuss about it that it even makes headlines all around the world.


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