The Importance of Plants

The Importance of Plants

Plants play an important role in our everyday lives and have countless uses. Firstly and most importantly, they are the source of life, as they provide Oxygen, which enable us to breathe. Secondly, plants are used in many industries and represent the main source of finance for many countries:

  • Plants are an important source of food. The human body needs fruits, vegetables and herbs in order to properly sustain its activities.

  • Plants help the economy of many countries. For example, China exports large quantities of rice every year, which means that the country is making big amounts of money just by importing rice.

  • Plants represent the rough material for the production of many textiles. Factories transform cotton into yarn and then use the yarn to manufacture clothes, which are, of course, essential for our everyday lives.

  • Plants are the main ingredient for many important medicines. Without them, the medicines that save every day the lives of thousands of people couldn’t be produced.

  • Plants are the rough material from which plastic is made. As the production of cars is in continuous expansion, the factories need plastic and rubber to produce tyre.

  • Plants are also the main source of vitamins for the human body. Our bodies can’t function without the vitamins provided by plants.

  • Plants play an important role in diminishing pollution. The increasing amount of CO2 found mainly in the cities could not be eliminated without the existence of trees and plants, which are a source of Oxygen.


Briefly said, plants represent the source of life and without their existence we could not go on with our lives.


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