The meaning of roses

The meaning of roses

Roses are definitely one of the most romantic flowers in the world and you can often see that men buy them for their better half. We don’t know the exact reason. Is it because they are red ( not all of them are ) and present love and passion or ?

The reason remains unknown, but what we can tell you for sure is the meaning of the number of roses you get, because every amount sends a different message.
For example if you get “only” one, don’t be sad, because it doesn’t mean your partner/crush didn’t want to spend too much money on you, it means that it is a love at first sight or if you two are together it means that you are still the one he loves.

If you get two it is a symbol of mutual respect, love and affection. Three roses present a simple “ I love you “.
Ten means that he is completely infatuated and amazed by you and he wants to let you know that you are perfect for him.
Thirteen roses are not so romantic, they can present someone who sees you as a friend, but on the other hand it can potentially mean that you have a secret admirer.
Fifteen is like an apology, so if you get fifteen roses it means he has done something wrong and he wants to redeem himself.

If you get twenty it means that he wants to be serious with you and that he is completely honest and sincere with you.
Now fifty is a large number, so if you get 50+ it definitely means that he wants to sweep you of your feet and to prove you that his wallet is pretty thick.



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