Wild flowers

Wild flowers

Wild flowers are as equally beautiful as flowers in the garden or house. They grow without any care from anyone.
Maybe you will wonder why people do not take them home and care about them, but the problem is that many wild flowers are hard to grow.

The flowers that are in the forest, they need an acid soil and shade.
Some of the other wild flowers take very long time to grow in that " from seeds to blooming " stage.
For example trout lily takes seven years to grow big enough to bloom and become beautiful.

There are plants that bloom for only a day, or their flowers may be very small. And some other wild flowers grow too well for gardens.
Some flowers have been cultivated, they used to be wild, but are now cultivated. It is also interested that some plants that are wild in one country/place, can be found cultivated on another part of the world.

You must know how to handle plants, so one of the most important things is to know them, know how to work with them, and to find out where they grow. You must treat them as any other living being.
The problem with people is that when they find wild flowers, they must pick them and take home. This is selfish, and not to mention against the law.

It would be ok if they knew how to handle them, but the main problem is, people take them only to use them as a decoration, and after they get bored, they simply neglect them.


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