Cherry trees

Cherry trees

Who doesn't want to have this beautiful tree ? With it's beautiful light-pink color it reminds us of paradise, so if you want to have your own sakura trees on your property, you can do it, but you need to know few things before making any decisions.

If you are new at this, and you are not quite sure how to grow this tree, you need to consult with someone who has an experience, a professional landscaper is the best solution.

They can determine the right planting conditions for you and can give you some advice in order to protect your tree from any disease.

We hope you do know that you cannot plant this tree if you don't have proper planting conditions. You have maybe noticed that these trees are the most beautiful when they are grouped together, so you need to have a larger space for it.

Also, they require a lot of sun, so do not plant them if your place is not exposed enough to the sun, and do not put them too close to the shade.

These beautiful trees are very sensitive and delicate, they cannot survive if they live in a place where it's too cold or too hot, so when you decide to buy them, make sure you purchase the best variety for your local climate.

These trees require a soil that is moist and well-drained and you need to make sure that soil is also nutritious. The most suitable soil for them is acidic and deep.


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