How to protect your plants in winters

How to protect your plants in winters

When the temperature begins to drop and the winters come on full peak, your plants need extra TLC in order to save them from frost. Severe cold temperature and frost can do a great deal of damage to your plants. So, if you want to protect your garden during winters, here’s what you can do:

Cover your plants
The best way to ensure that your plants are safe from frost is by covering them. You can use anything to cover them and prevent them from direct contact. Use burlap sacks or old light drapes to hang over the plants. 

Keep your plants indoor
Some plants are extra tender and delicate. So they might need to be placed indoors for their survival. Since you can’t place all your plants inside, it is better to choose carefully and move only those inside which need extra care. 

Water plants regularly
Watering your plants is very important when you are expecting a frost. This is because moist soil will hold more heat and reduce frost damage. However, do not saturate plants to much. 



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